2018-19 Tutoring Contacts
Name Current Position Contact Info Available Grades/Subjects
Andrew Rigas 4th Grade Assistant Teacher arigas@archwaynorthphoenix.org
Bethany Hunter 4th Grade Lead Teacher bhunter@archwaynorthphoenix.org 3-5 grade/any subject
Britney Smith 2nd Grade Assistant Teacher bsmith@archwaynorthphoenix.org
Cassandra Kellogg 3rd Grade Lead Teacher ckellogg@archwaynothphoenix.org 2-3 grade/any subject
Ellen Berger Art Teacher eberger@archwaynorthphoenix.org 1st-4th grade math
Jacqueline Torres 5th Grade Lead Teacher jtorres@archwaynorthphoenix.org
Jason Jefferson 5th Grade Assistant Teacher jjefferson@archwaynorthphoenix.org all grades/math and language arts
Stephen Philabaum AHM Anthem Prep SPhilabaum@AnthemPrep.org Singapore Math and Spalding
Lydia Robb 4th Grade Assistant Teacher lrobb@archwaynorthphoenix.org
Sherri Westergaard 5th Grade Assistant Teacher swestergaard@archwaynorthphoenix.org 1st-4th grade, all subjects