Volunteer fingerprint clearances are good for three (3) years and can be obtained by getting your fingerprints rolled by the Great Hearts HR dept.  If you have a level one fingerprint clearance card, please bring a copy of your card to the front office so that it can added to the clearance list.

Fingerprinting clearance is required for all volunteer opportunities on campus where an adult is to be alone with students, including, but not limited to reading groups, volunteering for lunch duty, chaperoning field trips and assisting with classroom celebrations.

Once your fingerprint clearance has been confirmed, your volunteer badge will be available for check-out at the front office.  Upon arrival to campus, please check in at the front desk, sign in and check your badge out from the front desk prior to heading to your volunteer location.  All badges are to be checked back in to the office upon sign-out.  If you are chaperoning a field trip and are meeting your group at an offsite location, your badge will be delivered to the classroom teacher for your use during the field trip.  Please make sure to return it to your teacher to be returned to the front desk.

Please contact Ms. Weiss at or stop in the front office if you have any questions or concerns regarding volunteering on our campus or to confirm your fingerprint status.  Thank you so much for your dedication to our community!

2018-2019 Archway North Phoenix Volunteer Agreement

Fingerprinting FAQ:

  1. Where can I obtain volunteer fingerprint clearance?  There are two fingerprinting opportunities on campus each school year-one at the beginning of the year and one towards the end of the year.  If you are unable to make one of these events, you may visit our Veritas campus to have your fingerprints rolled by HR.
  2. How quickly will I get my clearance? Confirmation of fingerprint clearance typically runs anywhere from 4-10 weeks.
  3. How can I confirm the status of my fingerprint clearance? Please contact our front office with any questions you have regarding your status or the types of activities that require fingerprint clearance.
  4. How long is my clearance good for?  Volunteer fingerprint cards are good for three (3) years.  If yoiu have a level one fingerprint card, please provide a copy to the front office to be added to the clearance log.

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