Extra-Curricular programs at Archway North Phoenix include both athletic programs and a variety of clubs for students of all ages. These offerings continue to be driven by the members of our faculty and reflect the levels of student interest and engagement on campus.  A full listing of the Extra-Curricular programs for the 2017-2018 Fall Semester may be found below.  All Extra-Curricular programs will begin the week of September 11, 2017.  Sign up on our Payment Portal today!

Monday Grades
Ukelele (3:30-4:30) 2nd-6th
Are you Game? (3:30-4:30) 1st-6th
Agriculture Club (3:30-4:30) 2nd-3rd
Chess Club (3:30-4:30) 1st-3rd
Chess Club (3:30-4:30) 4th-6th
Math League (3:30-4:30) 3rd-6th
Running Club  (7:00-7:30am) 1st-6th
Coloring Club (3:30-4:30) 1st-4th
Choir (3:30-4:30) 3rd-6th
Word Lover’s Club (3:30-4:30) 4th-6th
Running Club (7:00-7:30am) 1st-6th
Kickball/ Wiffle Ball Club (3:30-4:30) 4th-6th
Drama (3:30-4:30) 1st-3rd
Drama (3:30-4:30) 4th-6th (Nov. Start)
Introduction to Violin (3:30-4:30) 3rd-6th
Small Stock Club (3:30-4:30) 3rd-6th
Card Game Club (3:30-4:30) 4th-6th
Drawing Club (3:30-4:30) 4th-6th