By offering a classical liberal arts curriculum, Great Hearts not only cultivates the hearts and minds of students in the pursuit of Truth, Beauty and Goodness, but also graduates great-hearted leaders prepared for success at the top colleges and universities worldwide.

Our students receive a liberal arts education through immersion in subjects such as Language Arts, Math, History, Science, French and Latin, as well as Art, Music, and Physical Education. In each of these subjects, we employ Socratic Instruction, in which the teacher uses guided questions to help the student discover, ask his or her own questions, and truly come to know the concept being covered in a deep and meaningful way. A student’s sense of wonder and depth of inquiry is celebrated and fostered.

Discover more about grade-specific curriculum by clicking on the appropriate link below:

Kindergarten Curriculum

From Spalding phonograms and Aesop's Fables to Singapore Math and the Statue of Liberty, learn more about what our Kindergarten curriculum entails.

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1st Grade Curriculum

Spalding, Singapore, Sacagawea and scientific methods are all a part of our 1st grade curriculum.

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2nd Grade Curriculum

The Boxcar Children, Ancient Greece, word problems and cursive writing are all a part of our 2nd grade curriculum.

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3rd Grade Curriculum

Diagramming and parsing sentences, reading The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe, an introduction to fractions and a study of Roman mythology are just a few examples of what our 3rd grade curriculum entails.

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4th Grade Curriculum

This year of studies includes Tales from Shakespeare, decimals, the circulatory system, Medieval history and the American Revolution.

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5th Grade Curriculum

Learning how to write expository and persuasive essays and studying photosynthesis, algebraic expressions and the Renaissance period are all included in the 5th grade experience.

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6th Grade Curriculum

Writing an independent research paper, covering multiple pre-algebra topics, an in-depth study of American History and an immersion into the field of Life Sciences are all experiences our 6th grade students will enjoy.

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Foreign Language, Art, Music and Physical Education (P.E.) are cornerstones of a Great Hearts education and critical in the development of the whole student.

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