Please see the listing of the Archway North Phoenix administration.

Kelli Sneed

Dean of Students

Aylana Chatel

Athenaeum Coordinator

Jacqueline Curtis

Academy Giving Manager

Lisa Reinhardt

Assistant Director of Academy Giving

Natasha Brophy

ESS Coordinator

George Sokolis

ESS Adult Assistant

Gabby Weiss

Assitant Office Manager

Manuel Lugo

Facilities Tech

Homeroom Teachers

Please see the listing of Archway North Phoenix lead teachers.

Rachael Michael

KB Lead Teacher

Monica Riley

KC Lead Teacher

Maggie Hischier

KD Lead Teacher

Angelina Fett

1B Lead Teacher

Jean Page

1D Lead Teacher

Taylor Marshall

2D Lead Teacher

Aaron Sneed

3A Lead Teacher

Amber Holtschlag

3B Lead Teacher

Amanda Hatch

3C Lead Teacher

Bethany Hunter

4A Lead Teacher

Richard Meredith

4B Lead Teacher

Ryan Klopack

4C Lead Teacher

William Buckley

4D Lead Teacher

Katie Blevins

5A Lead Teacher

Stephen Williams

5B Lead Teacher

Kira Mueller

5C Lead Teacher

Katy Statler

5D Lead Teacher

Mary Rose Dovel

6A Lead Teacher

Jonathan Gray

6B Lead Teacher

Nick Holtschlag

6C Lead Teacher

Steven Hischier

6D Lead Teacher

Assistant Teachers

Please see the listing of Archway North Phoenix assistant teachers.

Sarah Huntley

KA Teaching Assistant

Grace Sneed

KB Teaching Assistant

Madison Rocko

KC Teaching Assistant

Anne Lapa

KD Teaching Assistant

Carris Doan

1B Teaching Assistant

Diana Aven

1C Teaching Assistant

Mariah Allan

2A Teaching Assitant

Toni Roadruck

2B Teaching Assistant

Kathleen Diesing

2C Teaching Assistant

Lydia Robb

2D Teaching Assistant

Deb Powell

3A Teaching Assistant

Susan Mason

3C Teaching Assistant

Mahjabeen Qazi

3D Teaching Assistant

Jason Jefferson

4A Teaching Assistant

Dominique Lafaive

4B Teaching Assistant

McKenzie Cremeens

4C Teaching Assitant

Robbyn Reeve

4D Teaching Assistant

Andrea Wooldridge

5th Grade Teaching Assitant

Brianna Rafidi

5th Grade Teaching Assistant

Vito Messana

5th Grade Teaching Assistant

Ric Curtis

6th Grade Teaching Assistant

Dorian Harris

6th Grade Teaching Assistant

Peter Waterbury

6th Grade Teaching Assistant

Special Subjects

Please see the listing of Archway North Phoenix special subject teachers.

Katherine Rojas

Art Teacher-K, 2, 4

Ellen Berger

Art K, 1-2

Chantel Krause

Music K, 3 & 4

Carissa Klopfenstein

Music K-2

Jonathan Lang

Music 5 & 6, Latin 5

Dana Fee

French K-1 & Latin 6

Kelly Brugere

French 2-4

Dylan Waugh

PE Teacher-1, 2, 4-6